fried chicken tempura sushi bowl
fry me a river sushi burrito
sushi salmon burrito
sushi tuna salmon Lit Bowl
Hand rolls tuna
  • The bowls are incredible! All ingredients are delicious, fresh, and taste great every time. Love sus-hi!

    Alyssa Connell Avatar
    Alyssa Connell

    Hands down, the best poke bowl ever! Portion is perfect, the sauces are amazing! Everything taste fresh and arranged nicely,... read more

    M D. Avatar
    M D.

    1. Customizable sushi 2. Great appetizers (try the rice fries/tots loaded and crab rangoons) 3. Ramuné fizxy soda 4.... read more

    Kim Wang Avatar
    Kim Wang
  • Been eating here for years, Love the food.
    But, totally wish noodle bowls were also a thing!!

    Kat Uberholtzer Avatar
    Kat Uberholtzer

    I loved the food and the concept. It was being able to be creative with exactly what i wanted... read more

    David Crown Avatar
    David Crown

    This is the best Sus Hi location I have been to yet. The staff got my order correct, they were... read more

    Julie B. Avatar
    Julie B.
  • This is such a great concept ! Sushi burrito seemed very weird I'll admit but after trying it ... mind... read more

    Erika G. Avatar
    Erika G.

    All I can say is try the crispy fried is to die for! Absolutely delicious!!😋🤤🤤🤤

    Zilera Arevir Zelaznog Avatar
    Zilera Arevir Zelaznog

    So so good! I stopped in on Sunday for a late lunch. Parking was super simple behind the building, not... read more

    Jordyn M. Avatar
    Jordyn M.
  • Five stars for one of my favorite sushi places! Sus Hi offers good quality food prepared by awesome ninjas! I... read more

    Naimah S. Avatar
    Naimah S.

    I highly recommend!! There was a situation a week ago where my friend and I waited for our food for... read more

    Ashley Phillips Avatar
    Ashley Phillips

    Yup, that's the greeting you'd get when you walk in. Friendly staff and great portions. Get a regular...
    read more

    Eugene Z. Avatar
    Eugene Z.

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