• Very good food! There are so many choices - sushi, bowl, burrito. The ingredients are very fresh and delicious.... read more

    Danielle T. Avatar
    Danielle T.

    Loved it he service and excellent food choices

    Dalvin Santos Avatar
    Dalvin Santos

    I wanted something different for dinner so I decided to order. Order my food at 6:20 got a text at... read more

    Viveca Taz Vickers Avatar
    Viveca Taz Vickers
  • Food is fabulous, staff is wonderful and so many options for you to enjoy.

    Karen Raborn Avatar
    Karen Raborn

    This is the best Sus Hi location I have been to yet. The staff got my order correct, they were... read more

    Julie B. Avatar
    Julie B.

    The food is amazing and the employees there give great customer service. I was there for the grand opening day... read more

    Cynthia T. Avatar
    Cynthia T.
  • The food always tastes really good. I wish they had an option for mini noris to be made large, but... read more

    Ashia Mcmillon Avatar
    Ashia Mcmillon

    Worried about visiting this place after word from my girlfriend of how poor her rice bowl was, but I was... read more

    Zachary J. Avatar
    Zachary J.

    This is one of my favorite go-to spots. I usually build my own bowl and get a side. There are... read more

    Nani D. Avatar
    Nani D.
  • For the moment you walk in you feel welcomed by the staff. I love how they offer many options so... read more

    Silvia D. Avatar
    Silvia D.

    The sushi was super YUMMY!! The sushi-makers were friendly and helpful. It's a great place!

    MaryLou Franconi Baumgartner Avatar
    MaryLou Franconi Baumgartner

    Awesome place!! Good service and the food is excellent!!! We will definitely be back :)

    Lina P. Betancourt Avatar
    Lina P. Betancourt

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