• Love this place! This is my go-to. Their food is quality and anytime I see Bryant he always has a... read more

    Alicia White Avatar
    Alicia White

    I've heard many many great things about this place from friends who visit Orlando, so this short weekend trip we... read more

    Laura C. Avatar
    Laura C.

    Today I placed an order and I had completely forgotten about it due to unfortunate new of a loved one... read more

    Tiffany J. Avatar
    Tiffany J.
  • Sus Hi is my absolute favorite fast casual restaurant! The food is so fresh and flavorful and the staff are... read more

    Bronwyn F. Avatar
    Bronwyn F.

    The staff at the lake Nona store go above and beyond. Both experiences I’ve had, left me with a smile... read more

    Maxime Vos Avatar
    Maxime Vos

    The food is FIRE!!!!

    Thank you my Ninjas for providing a fun and innovative concept to food!

    Aydin Trematerra Avatar
    Aydin Trematerra
  • This was the first time I went to this location or I ate from this restaurant I saw their post... read more

    Xiomara Rivera Avatar
    Xiomara Rivera

    This was my first time visiting Sus Hi. I have a food allergy and I was surprised and impressed with... read more

    Kelly Wolf Avatar
    Kelly Wolf

    Pretty reasonable prices. Always clean and has an upbeat atmosphere. It's like chipotle except sushi style. ... read more

    Tasha V. Avatar
    Tasha V.
  • A true hidden gem in the UCF area. The food is delicious and well priced. They have plenty of gluten... read more

    Margot H. Avatar
    Margot H.

    The best lunch I have had in Orlando ever! The manager and the staff was helpful because it was my... read more

    Jahbari McLennan Avatar
    Jahbari McLennan

    This restaurant is amazing! It doesn't seem like much but the food and service is incredible. It's so fresh and... read more

    Maddie J. Avatar
    Maddie J.

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