• This has to be my favorite poke place! It was so good and really fresh. My friends got the deep... read more

    Makayla T. Avatar
    Makayla T.

    Been eating here for years, Love the food.
    But, totally wish noodle bowls were also a thing!!

    Kat Uberholtzer Avatar
    Kat Uberholtzer

    I love Sus Hi so much. Great food. Great service. Great atmosphere. Favorite place to get food. Thanks ninjas.

    Alex Heffelfinger Avatar
    Alex Heffelfinger
  • With a new year upon us, it's time to get back on track, and stick to those healthy goals! That's... read more

    Preston L. Avatar
    Preston L.

    we are SO happy to welcome Sus Hi to Tampa!! build your own sushi bowls. everything is delicious!!

    Karrie Boggs Avatar
    Karrie Boggs

    Wow absolutely delicious. I had them cater my super bowl party and it was fantastic! Everyone loved it. I didn't... read more

    Katie Weller Avatar
    Katie Weller
  • Sus Hi is pure joy, happiness and love all wrapped up in a delicious burrito.

    Katherine Jane Pavis Avatar
    Katherine Jane Pavis

    Seriously can't get enough of it. I will never become numb to the FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shanan Dalton Avatar
    Shanan Dalton

    One of my favorite places to eat. My friends don't even ask me where I want to eat anymore.... They... read more

    Alex Weber Avatar
    Alex Weber
  • Went there this evening. I knew they had sushi, but man the options you could get. You can make a... read more

    James Yancey Avatar
    James Yancey

    From start to finish nothing but amazing service and the food was out of this world good. Im soo happy... read more

    Taylor Betancourt Avatar
    Taylor Betancourt

    This has become my go to sushi place with my gf. We have gone for dinner and lunch on different... read more

    S N. Avatar
    S N.

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