Dine-In Open!



11:00am - 10:00pm

(321) 290-9332

4498 N Alafaya Trail #324 

Orlando FL, 32826 

  • DELICIOUS food. The best tasting sushi burrito I've had for such a low low price. They really let you pack... read more

    R D Avatar
    R D

    If I'm being honest the first time I ate here I wasn't that impressed. I am assuming it was what... read more

    Angela S. Avatar
    Angela S.

    Zoro, Naya, and Leaf were awesome!! Food was super yummy and they were very meticulous in preparing our order correctly!... read more

    Katherine M. Avatar
    Katherine M.
  • great food and artwork n crew

    Miller Carter Avatar
    Miller Carter

    My husband and I decided to try this place since we are into sushi. We were not disappointed at all!... read more

    Ginnifer L. Avatar
    Ginnifer L.

    Tried this place out earlier today.

    Service was quick and pleasant. When there was a small sauce error with one of...
    read more

    Sadia A. Avatar
    Sadia A.
  • 5 Stars for a fast-service sushi bowl spot that satisfies!

    Ok, I've seen folks on Yelp before who only give 5...
    read more

    Andi P. Avatar
    Andi P.

    It has been a while since I eat something and it brings me pure joy... besides how great the food... read more

    Daniela Serrano Dagostino Avatar
    Daniela Serrano Dagostino

    Quick service, delicious food

    Robert Tucker Avatar
    Robert Tucker
  • While I wasn't a fan of the one by UCF. I do enjoy the one in Lake Nona. The... read more

    Scott B. Avatar
    Scott B.

    Been eating here for years, Love the food.
    But, totally wish noodle bowls were also a thing!!

    Kat Uberholtzer Avatar
    Kat Uberholtzer

    We had the Party in My Mouth. It was freaking awesome! The flavors mixed together were just perfect. Shoto made... read more

    Tahra W. Avatar
    Tahra W.

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