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  • This place is incredible.

    Bradley Kovacs Avatar
    Bradley Kovacs

    After a tough workout I enjoy picking up something healthy and packed with protein. Off the recommendation of a trusted... read more

    Will B. Avatar
    Will B.

    Ninjas, this was my go-to college food spot when studying. They offer sushi rolls, burritos and other apps, but I... read more

    Kristin Grice Avatar
    Kristin Grice
  • The best sushi franchise I've been to yet! Definitely exited to learn you may be opening up near me!!!

    Anastasia Casey Avatar
    Anastasia Casey

    we are SO happy to welcome Sus Hi to Tampa!! build your own sushi bowls. everything is delicious!!

    Karrie Boggs Avatar
    Karrie Boggs

    Since my first visit I have grown to really love this place. The first time I went I thought it... read more

    Julie B. Avatar
    Julie B.
  • What a delight! I was in the mood for some dumplings and to my surprise I ended up being in... read more

    Kiara Deleon Avatar
    Kiara Deleon

    Food was outstanding but the service was even better!!! 5 Star!

    Jimmie Harris Jr. Avatar
    Jimmie Harris Jr.

    Hello Ninja,

    This was an amazing hole in the wall restaurant. The atmosphere was really down to earth. Good vibe. Music...
    read more

    Adventures With Matt (Matt Anderson) Avatar
    Adventures With Matt (Matt Anderson)
  • This was our first time trying this restaurant. We had seen a video online and knew we wanted to give... read more

    Casandra Struthers Avatar
    Casandra Struthers

    It is the first that I come to this place, and the attention and service of Francisco was EXCELLENT, thanks... read more

    Jean Amesty Avatar
    Jean Amesty

    Not what I expected, but not bad at all.

    Sushi bowl, dumplings. I'll definitely be back.

    Ryan Schwartz Avatar
    Ryan Schwartz
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