Once Upon A Ninja


Growing up in the food industry, we developed an immense passion for food and the restaurant business. We were in search for an exceptionally unique fast-casual restaurant, but couldn’t find one. So we decided to open our own!

In just one year, Sus Hi Eatstation opened its doors in 2011. Since then, out brand has built an amazing following and continues to spread across Central Florida.


When Sus Hi opened its first restaurant, the idea was simple: we wanted to show that food served fast didn’t have to be a “fast-food” experience.

Using high-quality ingredients, classic cooking techniques, and a distinctive ninja theme, we brought features from the realm of fine dining to the world of quick-service restaurants.

Company Core Values


We’re passionate about our culture and philosophy.
You will find our culture subtly hidden in basically everything we do, because that’s how a true ninja rolls! Passion comes from the heart and is the seed for true excellence and growth.


Creativity is expressing yourself.
We encourage our customers to be creative and to use their imagination to create sushi that is uniquely their own. Every single item that we make is unique to the individual. We never get two items that are identical. Every Ninja has their own style and we’re here to help them master it.


Fast sushi with high quality ingredients.
We stand by the quality of our ingredients and prepare them fresh daily. Look into our kitchen dojo and you’ll find ninjas skillfully prepping your food for the day. We believe in FRESH, FAST & FUN and serving food that we’ll be proud to present to all those within our Ninja family!


We have fun in everything that we do.
From the Ninja decor, to yelling “FIRE” when we melt your cheese, we’re focused on giving you a fun and lively experience. We believe that everything that we do has to have an element of excitement, and it shows in every aspect of Sus Hi Eatstation, from top to bottom! Engaging and trendy, we strive to show our culture of fun in every way possible!

Our Mission

To build a fun Ninja community for creativity and passion to thrive – through food, love and family.

Master Team

Robert Ly
Grandmaster Funly

Teresa Ly
Grandmaster Miso Eel

Tiffany Chan
Master Turtle
Director or Marketing

Thomas Wang
Master spARC
Expansion & PR

Alyssa Kalugdan
Master Pheonix

Violetta Gir
Master Sensei Rainbow
General Manager

Andy Soler
Master Sensei Jet
General Manager