Altamonte Springs

  • Absolutely love this place. Incredibly fresh and flavorful. Their sushi rolls and bowls are outstanding. Friendly employees and very clean restaurant.

    Carmen M. Avatar
    Carmen M.

    I have been going to this location since the very beginning... two homes ago living with brand new husband before... read more

    Autumn S. Avatar
    Autumn S.

    So I always wanted to try this place because I drive past it every single day for work. It's kind... read more

    Jailene M. Avatar
    Jailene M.
  • This place never disappoints! I usually get a bowl with all the good stuff! It's Always delicious and great service!... read more

    Crystal T. Avatar
    Crystal T.

    Yum! This place is great... you can build bowls, wraps or rolls with exactly what you want in them and... read more

    Stephanie P. Avatar
    Stephanie P.

    Hands down, the best poke bowl ever! Portion is perfect, the sauces are amazing! Everything taste fresh and arranged nicely,... read more

    M D. Avatar
    M D.
  • Never gets old! Always a good place to munch. Fresh ingredients and friendly staff! Fiiiiiiire!!!!!

    Jean B. Avatar
    Jean B.

    Sus Hi is definitely one of my favorite fast casual dining places and I eat there pretty often. When you... read more

    Amy N. Avatar
    Amy N.

    Since my first visit I have grown to really love this place. The first time I went I thought it... read more

    Julie B. Avatar
    Julie B.
  • i got a regular bowl, my three proteins were leaving, grilled chicken, and salmon(.75cent upcharge). i got seaweed salad (1.5upcharge).... read more

    Grace T. Avatar
    Grace T.

    Just want to give a compliment to Jessica. She always makes me feel welcome there and has a positive attitude.... read more

    Nora W. Avatar
    Nora W.

    By far my favorite poke bowl spot in Orlando. I've been coming here for months and the meat is fresh... read more

    Fareeha R. Avatar
    Fareeha R.

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